The power is in the integration
The discovery of transformational therapies for serious diseases is severely hampered by the fundamental lack of understanding of their underlying biological causes and the spectrum of effects that potential interventions may elicit. Recent technological advances are generating data at an unprecedented pace but the ability to interpret these results and put them into context is not able to keep up. Our expertise is in systematically gathering and organizing relevant information into comprehensive, well-curated databases that are linked to data from multiple disciplines and updated in real-time.

Our products
Individual profiles on drugs, diseases, pathways, and key opinion leaders are available for licensing and can serve as the basis for expert consulting services. Contact us at for custom requests for these or other types of data.

Access RDATLAS our integrated system enabling you to seamlessly mine data from scientific literature, clinical trials, and public grants and extract related information such as scientist/clinician profiles and drug molecules. Click here

Integrated Profiling was founded by Paul R. Caron, Ph.D. Previously, Dr. Caron was a Senior Research Fellow and Head of Informatics at Vertex Pharmaceuticals where he had broad responsibilities for new target selection and evaluation, competitive intelligence, as well as steering computational and experimental systems biology efforts. Over the course of his 17 years at Vertex he had key roles in multiple programs that are now in clinical testing as well as in the hepatitis C program which led to the approval of Incivek. He drove the development of numerous data systems at Vertex, from tracking research data to comprehensive competitive intelligence and news alerting services, to detailed profiling of leading academics and health care providers, for use by research, clinical and marketing teams.

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